What does PROS stand for?

PROS stands for Prism Ray Online Services.

What is PROS?

PROS is a platform that will power online services for select upcoming games from Plaion, Saber Interactive, Deep Silver, and more.

Please visit the website for more information

Why do I need the PROS account?

A PROS account will allow you to access the latest game-related news, claim rewards and see your telemetry.

What is telemetry?

Telemetry is the automatic measurement of your playthrough statistics. You can enable it once you launch the game, and your statistics will be included.

I haven’t enabled telemetry at launch. Can I turn it on?

Yes – you can turn on telemetry by going to “Options”, then “Online” and changing your first decision.

What are telemetry challenges?

Telemetry challenges are in-game challenges directly connected to your playthrough statistics.

How can I change the anonymous telemetry sharing decision?

You can change your decision in the game settings, in the “Online” section.

How can I register for PROS?

You can create an account in PROS here:

Is registering for PROS free?

Yes, you can register on the platform for free, and you can link with the games with PROS integration, like Dead Island 2.

How can I access my PROS account?

You can access your account using the standalone login in PROS:

Once you are logged into the platform, you will access your details information by clicking on Account (

How can I recover my PROS account password?

You can reset your password here: You can also contact our support here:

Can I use an existing PROS account?

Yes, you don’t need to create a new PROS account if you already have one.

How can I delete my PROS account?

As part of the account management options that the user has, in, you will find an option to perform the deletion of your account.

The account will be maintained for 30 days until its total deletion.

Deleting the account will also perform the unlinking of the games linked to the PROS account that you want to delete.

PROS - Linking and Unlinking

Will I lose the rewards if I unlink or delete the PROS account?

If you have already obtained the weapon in the game, you won't lose the reward and will be able to continue using it.

Which browser should I use to perform the linking process?

We recommend using any of the modern browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari. However, the process will be able to be performed in any browser.

How can I unlink my PROS account?

You cannot unlink the game by yourself. You need to request it through the PROS customer support team, and they will perform the unlinking of the game:

The Visit PROS menu option is greyed; I cannot link my PROS with the game.

Please check if you have an internet connection or any messages explaining that there is no connection with the PROS servers.

If everything is good, please contact customer support:

How can I link my game with my PROS account?

Once you launch the game you will find a “Visit PROS” menu option in the main menu.

Click on “Visit PROS” to get a popup with the steps you need to follow to link the game.

Step 1 -> Scan the QR code or click “Visit URL”

Step 2 -> Register a new PROS account or use an existing PROS account

Step 3 -> Subscribe to the Dead Island 2 newsletter if you haven’t before

Step 4 -> Return to the game and navigate to the Main menu. You will see an in-game message informing you that you have received the welcome reward - “Trickster’s Smile Knife”, and where you can find the reward in the game

If you click on the “Visit PROS” main menu option again, you will see that the popup has changed, and you are identified as connected.

Dead Island 2 is not updating with the linked status.

This can be a desynchronization between our servers and the PROS servers. If you have already performed the linking process, then you should re-launch the game with an internet connection, and the status should be updated to connected.

Can I link the game with the same account on multiple platforms?

You can have multiple platforms linked to the same game and account.

Why can I not see my game statistics in the PROS portal?

You need to have the game linked to see the statistics in the PROS portal. If you have connected to the game and don't see the statistics, please get in touch with support:


My mobile device can’t scan the QR code.

If the QR code is not readable, please use the “Visit URL” link in the popup in the game to perform the linking process to PROS.

The QR code has expired.

The QR code has an expiration time, if the time expires, please, load the popup again with the instructions to link the game with PROS, and you will get a new QR code.

I created a PROS account after scanning the QR code, but the link status has stayed the same in PROS, what is going on?

Please ensure you created/logged in with a PROS account and clicked on the “Link Game” button in the last step of the linking process.

If you still have the issue, please access the game and scan a new QR code to perform the PROS account linking process again.


How can I claim a Twitch reward?

After watching streams for the time defined to obtain the reward, you should claim it in your Twitch inventory (

Remember to have the PROS account connected to your Twitch account first.

The claiming will be done automatically, and you will get a new message when you re-launch the game.

How can I connect my Twitch account in PROS?

You can set up the connection of your PROS account with your Twitch account in the connections area in PROS portal:

You must grant the connection between both accounts in the connecting process.

Can I disconnect my Twitch account from the PROS account?

Yes you can disconnect your PROS account from your Twitch account in the connections area in PROS (

I’m not receiving any email in the registration process.

The email verification is part of the Dead Island 2 PROS account registration process. You must verify the email address to continue with the registration process.

If you are not receiving the verification email in your regular inbox, please check your spam inbox.

If you don’t have the email in any of your inboxes, please contact our customer support service:

What is the HELL-A updates carousel?

The HELL-A Updates carousel is the news and updates section visible on the menu screen in Dead Island 2.

Why are no messages displayed in the HELL-A updates carousel?

The messages displayed in the carousel are campaigns created by our Marketing and Support teams. The messages are periodically updated, providing you with new content.

Right now, we are working on preparing new content for you.

HELL-A updates carousel is showing an error: “no internet connection” or “PROS server is down”. What does it mean?

Integrating PROS online services provides the content in the carousel with the messages. To receive messages, you must be connected to the internet. If you are already connected, it could be that PROS servers are having issues or are in a maintenance process.

What types of messages are displayed in the messages carousel in the game?

The messages displayed in the carousel will be Marketing-focused, like promotions or tips.

How can I change the language of the messages in the carousel?

The language of the messages is the same as the one you selected in the game, and you can change the language in the game settings area.


How can I get the Trickster’s Smile Knife reward in Dead Island 2?

As soon as you perform the link of the PROS account with the game, you will get the instructions on where you can find the “Trickster’s Smile Knife.”

- In Emma’s Mansion, the trader Carlos will have an item available for you.

Before you can use the weapon, you must visit Carlos to get it. After that, you will see it as free to be obtained.

Where can I find the Fenrir’s Howl Shotgun in the game?

After claiming the reward on Twitch, you will get instructions on how to get the shotgun in the game.

- In the Serling Hotel, the trader Dougie will have an item available for you.

Before you can use the weapon, you must visit Dougie to get it. After that, you will see it as free to be obtained.

I’m not getting the welcome reward. What is happening?

Please check the following requirements:

- Is the game linked with PROS?

- Are subscribed to the Dead Island 2 newsletters?

- Is the reward displayed as “Owned” in the PROS portal? (

- Are you connected to the Internet?

If you have everything set up, don't hesitate to get in touch with customer support:

I’m not getting my reward. What is happening?

Please check the following requirements

- Is the reward displayed as “Owned” in the PROS portal? (

- Are you connected to the Internet?

If you have everything set up, don't hesitate to get in touch with customer support:

Can I repair a broken weapon that I have obtained as a reward?

Yes, you can. Using any workbench that you will find in-game will help you fix your weapon.

Will I get the rewards if I play the game on multiple platforms?

If you link your PROS account to all the platforms you play on, you can get any rewards PROS provides on all the platforms you play on.

Why do I need to use the PROS account to get the Trickster’s Smile Knife?

The Trickster’s Smile Knife is a reward for joining PROS, so it is only granted to its members.

The game has already been released, can I still get the Trickster’s Smile Knife?

Yes – simply sign up to PROS, link your account and you will be eligible for the knife.

How long is the Trickster’s Smile Knife available for?

The knife is always available. You can sign up and claim the knife at any time.


How to subscribe to the Dead Island 2 newsletter?

You can subscribe via PROS portal in the Subscriptions area ( or directly on the Dead Island 2 website (

How to unsubscribe from Dead Island 2 newsletter?

You can manage your subscriptions in the Subscription area in PROS (, or use the unsubscribe link provided in the marketing emails.


Where can I find Dead Island 2 social channels?

You can follow us on our Dead Island 2 social channels: