5 ways to kill a zombie

When it comes to zombie-slaying, there are no hard and fast rules; where you are, what’s within reach, and what you’re facing are going to determine how you get through. Flexibility is the key, and having a few different strategies up your sleeve will improve your chances of survival.

If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you’ll know that slayers have been sharing tips for killing a variety of different zombie types, and we thought we’d share our top 5 general tips here to get you into the mood to brawl!

Get up close and personal

From hammers to katanas or even bear claws, you’d be amazed at what these Angelinos keep in their Hollywood houses, but keep an eye out while looting so you don’t find yourself surrounded.

Aim for the head

If you don’t want to get too close, then the former occupants of Hell-A have left an unholy shit-ton of guns behind. Get trigger-happy, but make sure you don’t run low on ammo.

Use the environment

Fire, electricity, caustic strong enough to dissolve flesh; the environment offers a multitude of ways to slay. Pool full of zombies? Zap ‘em.

Get crafty

DIY is always your friend. Is your axe not lethal enough? Whack it onto a workbench and make it burn like hellfire.

Get mad, then get even

Add a little pop of z-power and enter a state of Fury to hand out major damage.

Check out Dead Island 2’s gameplay in the 101 trailer here. And make sure you follow us on social media for a first look at some of the variants you’ll be facing across Hell-A.

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