So, you want to be a slayer?

In Dead Island 2, the Skill Deck is the secret weapon that will turn you from mere survivor to bonified badass zombie-slayer.

Throughout your time in this post-apocalyptic version of LA, you’ll be maximising your zombie-killing potential by collecting Skill Cards and building a Skill Deck that suits your playstyle.

The Skill Deck is where you can browse your collection of cards and equip the ones suited for the challenge in front of you. 

And the best part? It’s fully remappable meaning you can switch up your deck at any moment in the zombie-slaying sandbox that is HELL-A.

Customizing Playstyle

Experimenting with card combinations allows you to create devilishly effective synergies but the fun is in trying them out for yourself, so we’ll leave you to work out your own ways to slay.

There are five different types of skill cards in Dead Island 2.

Firstly, Innate Skill Cards are specific to each individual slayer. For example, Ryan regains health each time he knocks a zombie off its feet, whereas Amy gets a damage bonus upon hitting a zombie with a thrown weapon.

Next up, Ability Cards grant you – you guessed it—useful abilities such as dodge, block, flying kick, dash strike, or a powerful ground pound. Mixing these up can significantly change your playstyle.

HELL-A can be a dangerous place; Survivor Skill Cards are here to keep you alive and in the fight. Take the card Safe Space: each time you use a Med Kit, you’ll trigger a forceful explosion to knock zombies back.

Slayer Cards are all about maximizing your zombie-slaying ability. Aptly named, The Limb Reaper card will restore some of your health every time you maim a zombie. Just remember to finish them off!

Finally, Numen Cards are all about embracing your inner zombie. 

If all goes south, why not spice things up with zombie powers in Fury Mode?

All together now

In Dead Island 2, you really can slay the way you want, and Skill Cards are here to compliment your playstyle. Cards can be combined to create a myriad of different new ways to slay. We don't want to ruin the fun too early, but check out what happens when you combine Dash Strike with Hammerfist.

Numen Skill Cards

Glass Canon Skill

Numen Skill Cards are the most powerful skills in the game and are all about embracing your inner zombie. Once equipped, they can significantly switch up your play style.

Glass Cannon, for example, boosts critical damage but dramatically reduces your defence, meaning that although you can kill zombies faster, you're much more vulnerable to their attacks.

Autophage Tier Skills


Autophage Skills see you embracing your zombie side a little too much. Ability, Survivor, Slayer, and Numen cards can also be Autophage tier skills and are marked with a special icon.

They have some of the best buffs in the game, but they always come at a price.For example, Survivor Card Flare Up is also an Autophage Skill. When equipped, zombies will be set on fire each time you use the Ground Pound ability. Pretty sweet, right?

Well, you better keep your eye on your health bar, as each time you perform a ground pound, it’ll be slightly drained. The more Autophage tier skills you have equipped, the more your Autophage meter fills and the infection begins to take control.

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