Dead Island 2 Vinyl Release

Slayers, are you ready to dive headfirst into the epic world of Dead Island 2? As the sun sets on the zombie-infested California coastline, it's time to crank up the volume and let the music of the Zompocalypse surge through your veins!

Ever dreamt of spinning Dead Island 2's sickest tracks on your own record player at home? Well, dream no more! Now you can soak in every beat, every riff, and every melody – each one a testament to humanity's unyielding spirit in the face of overwhelming adversity.

So, whether you're cruising down the undead-infested streets in your custom-built zombie-slaying machine or hunkering down in a makeshift safehouse, let Dead Island 2's official Vinyl soundtrack be your constant companion in the fight against the hordes of the undead!

But here's the kicker – this Vinyl release is as rare as a zombie-free beach - limited to just 500 copies, you'll want to move faster than a sprinting zombie to snag yours!

We promise the beats on the vinyl won't awaken any dormant zombies within you