Dead Island 2 is OUT NOW on Steam!

Slayers, the wait is over! Those itching to join the fray on Steam, your time has come.

Dead Island 2 has landed on Steam, unleashing chaos in the fiery streets of HELL-A. It's time to carve your path through the apocalypse, hacking and slashing your way to survival in this burning city.

To make your trip to HELL-A even more pleasant, we are slashing the prices too:  Dead Island 2 comes with a killer 50% discount. So don’t miss this awesome opportunity!

If your comrades are battling zombies on the Epic Games Store, fear not - crossplay on PC ensures no survivor gets left behind. Rally your crew and let them know it's time to face the apocalypse TOGETHER!

But hold onto your machetes, there's more excitement coming your way...

We’re launching multiple rewards on PROS. From now on you will be able to get your hands on the exclusive From Dusk character skins, along with weapons like Fenrir’s Howl, Trickster’s Smile and Plaid Whacker! Oh, and did we mention the brand-new badass "Rise and Shine" Crowbar? It's yours for the taking.

Rise and Shine

Don’t know what is PROS and how to join it? We have prepared a manual just for you:

Wait, there's MORE! Dead Island 2 is not only playable on Steam, but also compatible with Steam Deck, so you’ll be able to smoothly chop zombies, even on the go.

Experiencing problems? Follow our FAQ to get Dead Island 2 running smoothly on your Steam Deck:

What are you waiting for, Slayers? The apocalypse is calling and it's time to answer. Grab your weapons, gather your squad and let's show those zombies who's BOSS!

See you in HELL-A