Patch Notes #4 - Changes and Fixes

Greetings Slayers and welcome to the fourth Dead Island 2 quality-of-life patch. In this latest update, we've addressed and fixed technical issues that you may have encountered during your gaming experience. Dive into the details provided in the patch notes below to discover the full scope of these improvements.


·       Support for Epic Game Launcher Cloud Saves Implemented

·       Fixed an issue with enemies occasionally teleporting from one side of cover objects (such as cars) to the other.

·       Fixed a potential blocker on the first load after a player transfers from playing on PS4 to PS5.

·       Fixed various issues related to side quest content accessibility misbehaving for some players dependent on the relationship between the coop content they play, their main game progress and when they pick up side-quests.

·       Fixed an issue with the ‘Gore Horse’ achievement not unlocking correctly for some players.

·       Fixed ‘Kill-O-Watt Kick’ skill not triggering VFX in some coop circumstances.

·       Fixed an issue causing counters to do much less damage for players using bare fists after a death and respawn.

·       Fixed various issue with correctly awarding achievements to coop players.

·       Various minor UI, HUD & damage number fixes.

·       Some minor audio issues fixed.

·       Various minor coop issues fixed.


·       Fixes to various locations in which carry-able heads could get stuck in the environment.

·       Fixed an issue where blocking while close to a wall could cause carry-able heads to get stuck inside it.

·       Fixed an issue in which players could get a carry-able head stuck beneath the storage locker when changing their characters cosplay.

·       Fixed an issue with being able to create a blocker in the “Found: Zahra” mission by killing a set of zombies before the correct objective was active.

·       Fixed an issue where Haus progress on multiple slayers could cause a blocker due to not being able to collect the crossbow at the bottom of the well.

·       Fixed various environment collision issues in Haus, some of which allowed players to get out of the world or become stuck.

·       Fixed various cases where zombies could get stuck or were unable to traverse the environment correctly.

·       Various rare visual issues with Haus cut-scenes fixed (camera issues, missing character models, assets in incorrect states.)

·       Improved some messaging around reasons players can’t enter DLC content.

See you in Hell-A, keep slayin'!