Dead Island 2 – free trial on PlayStation Plus Premium

Hey, haven’t been to HELL-A yet? Now's your shot – Dead Island 2 is up for grabs with a free 2-hour trial, for PlayStation Plus Premium members! Dive into the zompocalypse and see if you can survive the burning wild streets of LA.

Spread the word to your friends! This trial's got a ticking clock – no other rules. Play solo or round up your buddies for a killer time!

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And hey, remember to hook up your account with PROS for an extra edge – snag a slick Trickster’s Smile knife just for linking up.

Think you’ve got what it takes to dismember 1000 limbs and claim the Malibu Nightstick bat? Give it a whirl if you dare.

Plus, scoop up a Fenrir’s Howl for free from Dougie in the Serling Hotel after linking your account to PROS. It's time to gear up and slash some undead!