The Art Of Dead Island 2: OUT NOW!

Prepare to feast your eyes on the ultimate visual pulp adventure through the apocalypse with The Art Of Dead Island 2: Artbook – it's finally here!

Dark Horse, Deep Silver, and Dambuster Studios have teamed up to craft the ultimate Dead Island 2 Artbook.

Immerse yourself in over a hundred jaw-dropping pages of unadulterated carnage, featuring behind-the-scenes insight crafted by Alex Calvin. Each page capturing the raw intensity and chaotic beauty of Dead Island 2's world, from the vibrant streets of Venice beach, to the darkest zombie-ridden corners of HELL-A. With it’s sleek design and captivating artwork, this Artbook isn't just a collector's item – it's a true masterpiece. Just picture it proudly displayed on your shelf, its glossy pages whispering tales of survival and mayhem, inviting you to lose yourself in its captivating illustrations.

Grab your copy now and let Dead Island 2 ignite your imagination!