The Most Powerful Cult

You’ve Never Heard Of

From the keyboard of Yoni Kaplan, freelance reporter.

It’s real, and its tentacles stretch from the outskirts of the city into the very heart of L.A., manipulating the lives of hundreds, perhaps even thousands, while the authorities turn a blind eye.

Cults and L.A. go together like bourbon and strippers, with a long, sordid, and tragic history. But the mystery, and power, of Haus goes deeper than this reporter could ever have imagined.

Rumors have been circulating for months now; Mysterious invitations to a place known only as ‘Haus’ and the guests withdrawing from society, often disappearing entirely, shortly afterwards.

What is this place? And what is happening to the people who were invited there?

HAUS image

To try and find out I spoke to the family of Ms. Farah Shariq, 36, who went AWOL four weeks ago.

Farah’s family were bewildered by her sudden change in behavior. She had given no sign that she was unhappy, and yet, within days, she had quit her position as an orthopedic surgeon and sold her apartment in Pacific Palisades, kicking her fiancée of six years, Dennis Mutton, 38, onto the street.

“I thought we were forever,” Dennis, looking lost, explained, “but she just dumped me, with hardly an explanation! We were engaged! I was angry, I said I wanted custody of our cat, Matilda, and Farah just said I could have her, just like that! We were, ‘no longer important to her’ - that’s what she said! No longer important!”

Everything changed the day Farah received an embossed invitation to visit ‘Haus’, a classic, 60’s era modernist mansion, set amidst acres of prime clifftop real-estate on the Malibu coast. That visit seemed to flip a switch and the very next day Farah and Dennis’ life together was at an end.

Following Farah’s trail proved easy; there has been no attempt to deny her relocation to Haus. But finding out who, or which legal entity owns the site has taken this reporter weeks. The paper trail is long and convoluted but it leads straight to Konradt Realities.

When pressed, a spokesperson gave this response: “Haus is a specialized research and development campus. The nature of our work there is confidential, of course, but requires very talented individuals and almost complete isolation. We seek the best and offer a package that is unmatched to attract and retain that talent. Please respect our privacy.”

I drove Dennis out to Haus, to see if we could get answers. We were told to go away, but Dennis was very persistent and after an hour was rewarded with a brief appearance from Farah.

“There she is! Farah! Farah!”, Dennis shouted desperately through the perimeter railings, as Farah emerged from the main door, alone, waved, and raised a phone to her ear. Dennis’ phone rang, he answered and put it on speaker, so we could both hear.

“Dennis, darling, please move on. I have. You are embarrassing yourself. My eyes have been opened, and my work here is important - more than you could imagine. I’m sorry if this hurts, that is not my intent.”

And with that, she hung up and disappeared back inside. Dennis was clearly unconvinced.

Breaking into agitated sobs he shouted, “That’s not her! It can’t be! They’ve done something to her! They’ve done something to her!”

As this investigation continues, Dennis’ desperation repeats again and again, from loved ones and families with similar stories; Of dear friends, children, husbands, and wives, who have been swallowed by an enigma called Haus.

The police claim there is no evidence that any crimes have been committed. Is it true, or are powerful forces at work here, and if so, how high does this conspiracy go?

Until these questions are answered, none of us are safe.

My advice is simple. If you receive an invitation to Haus – however curious you are, whatever promises are made – do NOT go.

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