Zompocalypse is spreading! Dead Island 2 Ravages Xbox Game Pass!

Awesome news for all of you! Dead Island 2 is making its way to Xbox Game Pass for Ultimate members! It's time to grab your weapons and dive headfirst into the zombie-infested world of Los Angeles.

With the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate version, you'll have unlimited access to the base game on Xbox, including co-op functionality. So, there's no need to go it alone – gather your squad and take on the horde together in thrilling co-op action!

Spread the word to your fellow gamers! This is an opportunity you won't want to miss. And remember, the more, the merrier – invite your friends to join you in the fight for survival!

PROS Rewards & Twitch Drops!

But wait, there's more! Link up with PROS for some exclusive rewards. Score yourself a slick Trickster’s Smile knife for that extra edge in battle. And hey, if you're feeling brave, take on the challenge of dismembering 1000 limbs to claim the legendary Malibu Nightstick bat. It's time to unleash your inner zombie-slaying hero.

Don’t forget to connect your PROS to Twitch - Dusk Dani and the FOMOrian Claws are back on Twitch Drops for all players!

Go and slash some zombies now, Slayers!