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Another day in HELL.A

Dead Island 2 Showcase




Watch the Dead Island 2 live action and gameplay Showcase featuring slayers, zombies, tones of gore, weapons, and visceral melee combat. We've rolled out the red carpet for you - welcome to HELL-A.

LA is in ruins. A deadly virus is spreading and the city is in quarantine. With the military long gone, follow three fearless survivors in their search for a safe haven from the outbreak and zombie hordes.

As they roam the supposedly abandoned mansion of local videogame and movie producer in the Hollywood Hills, they’ll soon discover that nowhere is safe in HELL-A.

Dead Island 2 comes out April 28th, 2023 launching for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. 



Welcome to HELL-A Gameplay Trailer


Join slayers Jacob and Amy on a picture postcard tour of LA – they’ve got all the usual tourist attractions covered, albeit with a uniquely horrifying vibe.

Witness the gore tech, weapons and combat gameplay, and of course the gruesome zombies, as our slayers show you around their stylish, sun-baked zombie smashing playground.


Dead Island 2 Pre-Order Reveal

The HELL-A Edition features an exclusive steelbook, Venice Beach map, DI2 pins and patch, 6 unique slayer tarot cards, expansion pass, and Pulp and Golden Weapons Packs.

Items Check out the special editions

Amy Collector's Figurine

Immerse yourself in the stylish, vibrant world of Dead Island 2 with this exclusive collector’s item.

This stunning, hand-painted, resin figurine shows zombie slayer Amy, chilling in Burger 66 with a milkshake after a zombie smashing session.

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Hey Zombie! Alexa Game Control is coming to Dead Island 2 and will be available on PC and Xbox versions of the game in the US, Canada and UK.

Use your voice to interact with zombies, swap your weapons, call up your map, and more. 


Players can ask the best route to reach a Vendor/workbench/fast travel map/point of interest

  • “Set a marker on a Vendor”
  • “Where’s the nearest Workbench"
  • “Find me a Point of Interest”


Players can activate the devastating Fury power, going berserk for few seconds.  To activate fury...

  • “Fury On!”
  • “Light it up!”
  • “Let’s hustle!”


Players can attract zombies (even specific ones)

  • “Burster!”
  • “Over here!”
  • “Let’s dance!”


Players can ask for any weapon they have in their inventory

  • “Equip a gun”
  • "Best Weapon"
  • "Fire Damage"


Players can command an emote animation

  • “Hi” – wave emote
  • “Good idea” – agree emote
  • “I need support!” – help emote

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